Welcome to the Past Life Regression Show

The Past Life Regression Show is a unique stage performance displaying a fascinating demonstration involving journeys back in time. Willing audience members can volunteer and, using a mind technique that Alan developed many years ago, can accept the key and navigate through the passages of time.

Throughout history mankind has sought answers to the many mysteries of life. Since the dawn of time, hundreds of thousands of years before Christianity, people have believed in a common denominator, namely that in most religions there is a belief in life after physical death. But it has always been just that, a belief, an act of faith. Many religions teach that reincarnation is the way that we, as human souls, develop. Our spirits / energy pass from one incarnation on the earth plane to heaven / hell / nirvana or whatever other name one may give to the appointed place. Once in our spiritual home, we rest and prepare for our next incarnation, always developing and always progressing or failing to progress.

Quite how many incarnations each soul requires to reach perfection is unknown. The Buddha, who predicted his own death, stated that he had been incarnated over 500 times on his way to divine contemplation. We, as mortal souls housed in the flesh, may have been on earth many times before, living as different human beings, in a different body, in a different age, learning different lessons. We may not consciously know of our previous lives but we have our entrances and we have our exits and one soul that must play many parts. Are we unconsciously the sum of all those previous parts, yet within our individual psyche exists the memory of all our eternal life?


Unlocking the memory of past lives or previous incarnations can be achieved by experienced practitioners by placing the volunteers in a super relaxed state of mind. They then proceed to travel back in time to experience their past life existence where they relive the parts they played whilst incarnated in a different body, in a different time and place. It is very common for people to change gender and contact is made at various ages from young children to ageing adults.

It is also possible to travel up and down the life span within a particular past life experience. Many of us have experience déjà vu or the near reality of a memory, indelibly imprinted on our minds. It is with this contemplation that regressed subjects travel beyond the first memories of childhood.

Deeper and deeper they journey passing the point of birth, on into the mysteries of their previous life. During the show, the subjects will recall details that we record and, subsequently, this information may be researched. Subjects have been known to speak fluently in foreign languages that in this incarnation at least, they have little or no knowledge of. Such specifics as dates of birth, addresses, details of family and everyday life can be examined.

This show offers an insight into the true nature of our own soul’s eternal existence. The barriers to the subject's hidden incarnations dissolve as Alan Bates leads them back beyond the veil. So, take your seat and relax (passports not required) as we start the journey and share with you the Past Life Regression Show.