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Stage Demonstration

Alan Bates is available to demonstrate his stage skills in two different formats. The first format is a purely Past Lives show, and the second is in conjunction with a psychic event. Alan has demonstrated the Past Lives show with some of the UK’s most famous Spirit Mediums at large theatres and concert halls and at some shows these gifted people join Alan in the regression as explained below.

The public show is demonstrated with willing volunteers allowing Alan to guide them into a very deep trance state, and by accepting the psychological key, they journey back in time into a past life. This is all done live on stage after an informative talk on regression and several participants are invited on stage and once the induction is completed the journey back in time commences. Very often, the regressed souls will change sex and persona, will speak in totally different voices and dialects and on rare occasions, will even speak in different languages.

Once contact is established in a past life Alan interviews each soul and the information that is received is recorded and at the end of the demonstration the past life history is read back to them to the total amazement of the volunteer and the audience members. The information that is received is later given to the volunteers to take home and may be researched if they choose to do so. In the joint demonstrations, a regression case of interest is chosen and a datum marker is placed in the subconscious mind of the partaker, allowing the return back to this incarnation and time period later in the demonstration.

An interval comfort break is usually held half way through the event and at this point the spirit medium is invited to the stage and the chosen regression case from earlier in the demonstration is recalled to the stage. The subject is again regressed back to the time datum that was previously installed in their subconscious. What happens next is extremely unique; the spirit medium proceeds to link into the past life incarnation and communicates with the spirit of a soul that lived sometimes hundreds of years ago and again the information and profile is recorded.  

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