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Alan Bates - Master of the Mind

Alan has always been drawn to the powers of the mind and the esoteric world. With over 30 years experience in his profession, he has travelled the world, demonstrating his powerful skills, coming into contact with many famous celebrities and dignitaries. Whilst touring with the UK's most popular TV spirit medium he experienced many strange and unusual events when dealing with the paranormal.

Alan is a true master of his craft and uses his considerable finely tuned abilities to guide willing audience members back through the veils of time to other lives, using the power of their own minds. It is very common for people to change gender and travel back to a life hundreds of years ago. In past cases, subjects have spoken fluently in Welsh, Italian and old French, yet in this life, they speak no other language than English.


The information that is received is recorded and presented to each of the audience volunteers at the end of the demonstration during a short live interview. This information can then be taken away and researched. During the performance the audience members are activly encouraged to Google in real time the information that is being received during the regression.

"There is a possibility that ‘Our soul'," he says, "has a common thread which reaches and extends from one life to another, constantly learning and experiencing but all the time developing and making progress in both the real and eternal sense."

How is this information received? I will provide you with four of my options to choose from:

1/. Is the information received transmitted within the gene code and passed down through time via our Ancestors?

2/. Am I opening up psychic channels, the akashic record stimulating the pineal gland and linking in to past lives?

3/. Could it possibly be a book we read many years ago, a film watched earlier in our lives? Or has a personality trait, which we then access later in life, been subliminally imprinted in our minds?

4/. Is the whole concept of Past Life Regression fantasy and imagination?

To listen to short samples of Past Life Regression please go to the Audio Page and select Audio clips.

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