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Akashic Field

I am going to present you with a theory of what I think may go some way to answering the big questions to what humans have sought since the beginning of human evolution. What are ghosts, where do psychics, shaman’s and mediums get their information from and how do I make contact into past lives, indeed the very fabric of what my book True Ghost Stories is all about. I am going to do this with science, I will explain my theory in layman’s terms and also with quantum psychics presenting a theory from my friend Anthony Peake, (co-author with Professor Irvin Laszlo, The Akashic Field).

First of all, I am going to simplify my philosophy, let’s take a movie camera and digitally record a scene from a daily activity. When completed, burn it to a DVD disc and place it into a draw and forget about it. Then in thirty plus years’ time dig out that old outdated piece of technology, it is interesting to note that children being born now will not know what a DVD is, and just like a VHS Betamax tape, it will be obsolete. Next, source an old DVD player and place the disc into the player and press play. The footage that you recorded back in the day will now replay just as it was recorded to disc all those years ago, you are in effect watching history, please bear this process in mind and I will come back to it later.

Everything in the universe vibrates, every animate and inanimate object, even colours, and as they vibrate they transmit and receive / absorb on different frequencies. Now let’s take a closer look at us humans, we are in effect complex carbon based electrical beings but we experience emotions, very powerful human emotions and most important, we are conscious and we can exercise free will. Our emotions also transmit and receive and that is how we get through our daily lives when we use our intuition, our gut feeling.

When we die of natural causes our body prepares us for death in a certain manner and when we close our eyes for the last time our soul, our spirit, our life force energy or whatever we may call it leaves the body and goes back to source? That source being the universe, or used in a religious expression, heaven. So, in this way science and religion do not need to be in conflict with each other.   

The Akashic record is a field from which all the universe is formed and which holds all that ever was, is, or will be. The Big Bang that started the universe, and the big crunch that will happen when the universe goes into reverse and collapses back into itself, is only a part of many cycles of universes, just like ours, appearing and disappearing, just like the subatomic particles in our world. The Akashic Field, being the background to the subatomic worlds, also flows through the other realms of stars, galaxies and human life, and is an activating force in all those realms. It is the force moving the stars and galaxies and the spark that gives life to molecules, driving the power of evolution and giving us the ability to develop our consciousness and experience the unity of the universe.

But what happens if we unfortunately die suddenly before our time in a tragic manner, for example in an accident or a murder. Rather than the body naturally preparing for transference, our energy leaves our body in an almost explosive way returning home to the Akashic field and some residual essence of our soul is absorbed into the nearest building or material where it will remain. It is also possible the same may happen with a natural death.  
The definition of energy and its properties state that, the law of conservation of energy, also known as the first law of thermodynamics, states that the energy of a closed system must remain constant—it can neither increase nor decrease without interference from outside. The universe itself is a closed system, so the total amount of energy in existence has always been the same. The forms that energy takes, however, are constantly changing. It can exist in a variety of forms, such as electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal, or nuclear, and can be transformed from one form to another.

The dead weight experiment

Doctor Duncan MacDougall (1866 – October 15, 1920) was an early 20th-century physician in  Massachusetts who sought to measure the mass lost by a human when the soul departed the body at death, MacDougall measured the mass change at the moment of death. The results from the deceased which MacDougall felt were most accurate lost "21 grams. If we consider our life force to be energy and physics dictate that energy cannot be destroyed take a note of this, “the amount of nuclear energy that destroyed Hiroshima in Japan at the end of the Second World War was just seven-tenths of a gram of uranium, about the size of a peppercorn”. Seven-tenths of a gram weighs less than a five-pound note.

So, what if residual emotional energy leaving the body attached itself into matter, can this stored energy now be replayed in a similar manner that I explained above with my analogy of the DVD recording? I believe it can, in the way of a medium. The medium is in fact the instrument, the DVD player and thereby able to replay from the energy stored. Could it be that a medium is also acting similar to a radio receiver where the frequencies from the Akashic field are being accessed by the medium, and the radio transmitting station is the field?

Professor Laszlo’s and Peake’s theory says we are linked to all people who have ever lived, and we can get access to them by accessing the Akashic field. So, when I communicate with a past life, when a professional medium initiates contact are we in fact using a channel to communicate with this field? This may explain life after death, because the past has never gone away, telling us that the past is ever present in everything we do. It clearly points to a universe where all is one and everything is linked. And if we tune ourselves into the Akashic field, we can access abilities that appear to be supernatural, but are in fact completely natural. Activities such as hypnosis and meditation can help us plug into the Akashic field and become much more than we are at present.

I think that Anthony Peake and Professor Laszlo have presented this theory very well and this is how I have been explaining my interpretations in the same manner for over twenty-five years. Further in-depth information is available in their jointly written book, “The Akashic Field”. Whatever your viewpoint is on this theory please do not have tunnel vision, be open to other possibilities.

Remember that people in the middle Ages really believed the Earth was flat due to the campaign by Protestants against Catholic teaching. Do you believe the world is flat? Of course you don’t!

Today, physicists seek the one equation that would anchor their famous “Theory of Everything,” the theory that would account for all the laws of nature and explain everything that ever happened in our integrally whole universe.

If this theory is ever proved correct, in my view, this would mean that we really are as one with the universe and absolutely everything it contains.

Albert Einstein said, “That knowing this equation would be reading the mind of God”.

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